8202: 3-Channel Mouse Preamplifier

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The mouse preamplifier connects directly to the headmount (8201) via a 6-pin friction fitting (standard) or 8-pin friction fitting (independent). Amplification of the signal at the head eliminates 87% of cable artifact.

Preamplifiers for the three-channel system come in multiple configurations:

  • 8202-SL: 2 EEG/1 EMG for Sleep
  • 8202-SE: 2 EEG/1 EMG for Seizure
  • 8202-SE3: 3 EEG for Seizure
  • 8202-SE3-10 3 EEG for Seizure with x10 gain
  • 8202-DSL: 2 EEG/1 EMG for Sleep (Fully Independent)
  • 8202-DSE: 2 EEG/1 EMG for Seizure (Fully Independent)
  • 8202-DSE3: 3 EEG for Seizure (Fully Independent)

The SL configuration has EEG channels with 0.5 Hz high-pass filters; the other configurations have EEG channels with 1.0 Hz high-pass filters. The standard preamplifiers have two channels that share a common electrode and one independent channel.

The preamplifier suffix must match the suffix of the 8206 data conditioning and acquisition system.