7000-K2-W-P: Wireless Rat In Vitro Calibration Kit for Pinnacle Cannulas

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To relate in vivo current changes measured by the biosensor to actual changes in analyte concentration, it is important to calibrate the sensor following the experiment. This calibration kit allows you to simultaneously calibrate up to 8 wireless rat biosensors with Pinnacle's single-barrel or tri-barrel cannulas.

Each kit contains (quantities are 1 unless otherwise noted):

  • 7051-R-P: Rat Sensor Calibration Holder
  • 7055: 2-Prong Single Adjustment Medium Clamp
  • 7056: Right Angle Clamp (2)
  • 7057: Iron Ring Support
  • 7058: 20 mL Jacketed Beaker
  • 7059: Stir Bar
  • 7060: Lab Stand