8500-K5: FSCV Calibration Kit

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Pinnacle recommends performing a calibration test on carbon fiber electrodes before they are used for in vivo fast scan cyclic voltammetry experiments. This tests the stability of the electrode and ensures that it was not damaged during shipping. The 8500-K5 calibration kit can be used with both mouse and rat FSCV systems.

The kit includes the following (quantities are 1 unless otherwise noted):

  • 7055: 2-Prong Single Adjustment Medium Clamp
  • 7056: Right Angle Clamp (2)
  • 7058: 20 mL Jacketed Beaker
  • 7059: 1/2x1/8" Stir Bar
  • 7060: Lab Stand, 5x8", 500 mm Rod
  • 8515: Pre-calibration Holder
  • 8516: Post-calibration Holder