8228-SD: 10" Sleep Deprivation Mouse Cage

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The circular 1/4" clear acrylic mouse cage has a 12x12" base with a 10" diameter and 8" height. Pinnacle's circular mouse cage (8228-SD) is recommended for use with all of Pinnacle's tethered mouse sleep deprivation systems. The cage has a 3/8" center hole for access of the sleep deprivation rotating bar. Access to water is provided and there is easy access from the top for cleaning and feeding. Water bottle sold separately.

Pinnacle's mouse cage is excellent to use with all of Pinnacle's mouse recording systems. Since the cage wall is equidistant from the pivot, the animal can comfortably reach the farthest point of its cage yet still not have too much slack in the tether when standing in the middle of the cage. This provides more comfort for the animal and less chance of the tether becoming fouled for the researcher.

Note: Acrylic cages can not be exposed to temperatures above 180° Fahrenheit. Pinnacle recommends using the stand (9009) with the mouse cage.