8500-K6: Tethered Rat FSCV System

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The tethered fast scan cyclic voltammetry (FSCV) system allows researchers to employ the FSCV technique in a tethered mode with rats. Possible uses of the system include measurements within a maze or other enclosed environments, such as metabolic and behavioral chambers. A stimulus control is available in the box. The system can acquire data at a rate of ten sweeps/second at 1000 points/sweep.

The kit includes the following:

  • 8214-KIN: Rat Commutator/Swivel
  • 8215-FSCV-R: Cable from 8214-KIN to 8504
  • 8426: 18" Mounting Plate
  • 8504: FSCV Interface Box
  • 8519: Tethered FSCV Rat Headstage
  • 9002: USB Cable

For first time buyers, we recommend purchasing an accessory kit (8500-K7) to complement the hardware system.

Note: Custom cable may be needed from stim isolator to stim electrode. 

Note: Carbon fiber electrodes are sold separately.