9057-EN: Enhanced Illuminator

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The 8th edition of the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals specifies narrow illumination limits. Pinnacle offers two illuminators, a basic model which was designed to provide IR lighting at night for video and an enhanced illuminator with both IR and visible lighting. A complete enhanced illuminator system (9000-K15) is also available.


  • Infra-red illuminator
  • Stand alone operation manual
  • Intensity control
  • White light illumination
  • Simulated dawn/dusk transitions
  • Multiple setups
  • Real-time clock for precise timing
  • PC control via USB
  • PC control of illumination levels
  • PC scheduling feedback to maintain illumination set points
  • PC recording of white and IR light levels
  • Photoresistor for automatic synchronization with room lighting (On/Off)
  • Stand alone operation based on custom preset schedules
  • Built-in lux meter to quantify illumination levels and provide consistent lighting