8226: Silver Epoxy

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Two-component silver epoxy ensures solid connections at the electrodes. For use with mouse headmounts (8201 and 8201-EEG).

Note: Order no more than you can use in 6-12 months. One pair of syringes may be used multiple times as needed up to its expiration date.

Tip: Expel equal ‘pea-sized’ amounts from each syringe on to a non-porous surface such as a plastic weigh boat.  Use a toothpick (or similar tool) to vigorously mix the two components together, allowing at least 1 minute of constant stirring/folding. Apply fully mixed product as needed.  Store material capped at room temperature.  Some separation may occur over time – product may be remixed in the syringe by vibration, agitation or sonication before expelling material.