8134: Test Load

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The test load is used to test if biosensor channels on Pinnacle's suite of potentiostats are working properly.

The test load comes in multiple varieties:

  • 8134-1G: 1G 2-Pin Test Load
  • 8134-1M: 1M 2-Pin Test Load + Connector
  • 8134-10M: 10M 2-Pin Test Load
  • 8134-20M: 20M 2-Pin Test Load
  • 8134-100K: 100K 2-Pin Test Load + Connector
  • 8134-100M: 100M 2-Pin Test Load
  • 8134-LED: LED Test Load

Note: Tethered systems for rats that have a biosensor channel and the multi-channel potentiostat system require alternative test loads.