8400-K4-SL-BAS: 2 EEG/1 EMG/Biosensor Preamp Kit for Sleep

Start-up kit for 8400-K2-SL & 8400-K2-SE using BASi rat ...


8400-K4-SE3-BAS: Preamplifier Kit Rat for 3 EEG/Biosensor (Seiz

Preamplifier kit for 8400-K2 using BASi rat cannulas. ...


8400-K4-SE4 Preamplifier Kit for for 4 EEG Seizure (Rat)

Start up/preamplifier/accessory kit for 8400-K2. ...


8407: Rat Preamplifier for the 4-Channel System

Preamplifier for use with the 4-channel rat system. Comes ...

Preamplifier Type

8401-HS: 4-Channel Data Conditioning & Acquisition System

8401-HS: For tethered recordings, the 8401-HS Data ...


8409: Rat Commutator

Commutator/swivel for 4-channel rat system.


8400-K4-SE-BAS: 2 EEG/1 EMG/Biosensor Preamp Kit for Seizure

Start-up kit for 8400-K4 using BASi rat cannulas. ...