8400-K4-SL-BAS: 2 EEG/1 EMG/Biosensor Preamp Kit for Sleep

Start-up kit for 8400-K2-SL & 8400-K2-SE using BASi rat cannulas. Sufficient disposables for 4 surgeries (biosensors are not included), plus ancillary items.
Description <p>For first-time buyers, Pinnacle offers an accessory kit for use with the 8400-K2-SL and 8400-K2-SE systems. The kit includes all necessary one-time-purchase accessories as well as enough surgical supplies/disposables to complete four surgeries. The #8400-K4-SL/SE-BAS Accessory Kit includes:</p> <ul> <li>8406-SL 4-Channel Mouse Preamplifier - 2 EEG/1 EMG/1 Bio Sleep Configuration (Qty: 1)</li> <li>8239: 2 EEG/1 EMG rat headmount (Qty:4)</li> <li>8247: 1/8" screw with wire lead (Qty:12)</li> <li>8249: Test source (Qty:1)</li> <li>9005: Powered USB hub (Qty:1)</li> <li>8112: Drill bit (Qty:1)</li> <li>8429-BAS: Rat BASi Stylet Ground (Qty:1)</li> <li>8427: Test load (Qty:2)</li> <li>7030: BASi rat guide cannula (Qty:4)</li> <li>7035-R-BAS: BASi rat guide cannula probe holder (Qty:1)</li> <li>8255: Multimeter (Qty:1)</li> <li>8111: 1/8" bone screws - pkg of 12 (Qty:1)</li> <li>8241-S: Screwdriver (Qty:1)</li> </ul>