8201-X: 3EEG or 4EEG REF Mouse Headmount with Via Holes Plus Layout

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The 8201-X headmount is a part of our prefabricated headmount series.  These headmounts are compatible with Pinnacle's wireless or tethered mouse setups.  Screws with wire lead can be easily soldered to the via holes, giving researchers flexibility in electrode placement. Following screw implantation, the headmount can be secured to the skull using dental acrylic. Headmounts are sized for adult mice (20-30 grams). 

The headmount can be used with our standard 3-EEG mouse and tethered configurations, as well as our fully referenced 45-EEG tethered preamplifier. Please note that they are not compatible with our differential (8202-D series) preamplifiers.