8400-K23 Electrical Stimulator & Biopotential Hardware Kit - Rat

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All kits include the following (quantities are 1 unless otherwise noted):

8401-HR: 4-Channel Data Conditioning & Acquisition System
8480-SC: Stimulus Controller
8214-KIN: 12-pin commutator for Rat
8413-R-Opto: Cable from 8401 - 8214-KIN
8480-BRK: Brackets to hold together 8480-SC to 8401/8506
8480-CON: Connector between 8480-SC and 8401/8506
8480-CBL: Cable from stimulator to 8480-SC
8518-4: DS4 Digitimer Stimulator
8514-4: Cable from 8418-4 to stim electrode
9016: BNC Cable for use with 8242, 8442, 8442-PWR, 8442-DX
8513-SC: Cable from 8486 to stim electrode
9009-PL: Monopod Mounting Plate 
8417-PS: Power Supply for 8401-HS, 8480, 8480-SC, 8242-DX, 8442-DX
8417-AD: Adaptors for 8417-PS
8425: Two Pin Electrode (for depth recordings or stim)
9002: USB-A to USB-B Cable (2)

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