8401-HR 4 Channel Data Conditioning and Acquisition

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For tethered recordings, the 8401-HR Data Conditioning and Acquisition System features four configurable channels for EEG, EMG, and biosensor data acquisition. Each channel features independent, adjustable gain and filter settings, and adjustable bias settings when configured as a biosensor channel.


  • 4 channels (each configurable for AC or DC inputs)
  • 18-bit resolution
  • User-selectable gain
  • 5,000-100,000 V/V
  • Adjustable sampling rates (1-20,000 Hz)
  • Software configurable low pass filters (20 Hz-15 kHz)
  • High pass filters: 0.5 Hz EEG, 10 Hz EMG for sleep; 1.0 Hz EEG, 10 Hz EMG for seizure