9000-K26: Complete Mouse Cage Set-Up (Wireless)

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Our filter cage setup is ideal for wireless experiments or long-term animal housing.  The 8265-M-F filter cage lid is designed to minimize contact with allergens, contaminants, and other potentially hazardous materials within the lab space and/or animal care facilities.  The circular 1/4" clear acrylic mouse cage has a 10" diameter and 8" height. 

The kit includes the following:

  • 8228: Circular Acrylic Mouse Cage  with 10" diameter/8" height
  • 8251-224-M: Mouse Water Bottle with bracket
  • 9066-M: Food Hopper for Mice
  • 8265-M-F: Filter Lid - Mouse
  • 8265-FP: Filter Paper (pkg of 10)