9000-K7: Handheld Wireless Potentiostat System

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This general purpose, wireless, two-channel potentiostat can be used for a wide range of amperometric systems, including lab-on-chip and biosensors. Its isolated design makes it uniquely suited for in-channel detection in capillary electrophoresis systems. The system is powered by a standard lithium 9 V battery and uses Bluetooth Smart telemetry to a USB dongle for reliable data transfer. The potentiostat is fully supported by Pinnacle’s Sirenia software suite.

The kit includes the following (quantities are 1 unless otherwise noted):

  • 8109: Sensor Adapter Cable (2)
  • 8125: BNC to Micro-hook Cable (2)
  • 8155-10M: 10M BNC Test Load
  • 9005: Powered USB Hub
  • 9033-9VAlk: 9 V Alkaline Battery
  • 9051: Handheld Wireless Potentiostat
  • 9052: USB-A to USB-A Extension Cable
  • 9054: Bluetooth Dongle