9067: High Definition IP Camera

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Pinnacle’s high definition (HD) Internet protocol (IP) camera is capable of recording at six times the resolution of Pinnacle’s box and dome cameras. The camera uses a single cable for power and data transfer. A separate, automatic infrared illumination (IR) source allows video capture in conditions of reduced lighting and complete darkness. The camera package supports flexible mounting options. It can be mounted above the cage using Pinnacle’s standard mounting plate, on the cage stand, or to a tripod (9059) for recording at lower angles. Up to four cameras can be used with a single synchronized video system (9000-K1). A complete IP camera system (9000-K11) is also available.


  • Max resolution: 1920 x 1072 pixels
  • Mount: Above, Side, Tripod
  • IR Source: Independent
  • Color/Grayscale: Both