9085-N: TTL Plus

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Synchronize external signals and third-party devices in Sirenia with the new TTL Plus. This device adds four multipurpose I/O connections, enabling the integration of TTL signals to a wireless system or expansion of TTL recording capabilities in tethered systems. Each I/O connection can be configured as a 5V digital output, 5V digital input, or 10-bit analog input, with sampling rates of up to 2000Hz. Digital inputs can be configured to create annotations in electrophysiology recordings acquired by other Pinnacle devices, and digital outputs can be used to trigger external events based on real-time analysis of electrophysiology events.

The kit includes the following (all quantities are one unless otherwise noted):

9085-N: TTL Plus
9052: 3' USB Extension Cable
8241-M: Flathead Screwdriver