8200-K2: 3-Channel EEG/EMG Rat System

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The 3-channel rat system is a configurable tethered setup capable of recording 2 EEG and 1 EMG for sleep or seizure or 3 EEG for seizure studies in rats. The 8200 system is designed to deliver the cleanest, artifact free waveforms through the use of a headmounted preamplifier. The Pinnacle rat preamplifier connects to both the rat headmount and commutator via a Plastics One MS363 6-pin screw down fitting. EEG & EMG waveforms are amplified before being transmitted to the data conditioning and acquisition system.

Kits are ordered by preamplifier configuration:

      • SL: 2 EEG/1 EMG for Sleep
      • SE: 2 EEG/1 EMG for Seizure
      • SE3: 3 EEG for Seizure
      • KIN: 3 EEG for Kindling*

      The kit includes the following (quantities are 1 unless otherwise noted):

      • 8206-HR: Data Conditioning and Acquisition System
      • 8213: 3 Channel Rat Preamplifier
      • 8214: 3-Channel Rat Commutator/Swivel (6-Pin)
      • 9009-PL: Monopod Mounting Plate

      Cables for one animal, software and manuals are also included.

      For first time buyers, we recommend purchasing an accessory kit (8200-K4) to complement the hardware system.

      *Pinnacle's kindling rat system gives researchers the ability to record three channels of EEG waveforms while also applying a stimulus of up to 100 V. The kindling preamplifier features three fully independent channels, two of which are stimulus compatible.

      Note: Cage and stand are not included in the 8200-K2 system.

      Note: For KIN - Please call or email us to purchase this product.