8206-HR: Data Conditioning and Acquisition System

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The Pinnacle data conditioning and acquisition system (DCAS) and Sirenia analysis package provide a complete solution for tethered mouse and rat EEG/EMG recording. The system is engineered to deliver the cleanest, artifact free waveforms possible. Pinnacle's unique 3-channel system uses a head-mounted preamplifier delivering 100x amplification. As a result, 87% of the artifact due to animal movement is eliminated. The three channels are configured for 2 EEG/1 EMG or 3 EEG. When paired with the optional synchronized video monitoring module, waveforms can be integrated and replayed with the video signal. Sampling frequencies between 250 Hz and 2 kHz and fully adjustable low pass filters make the system an ideal solution for sleep research, seizure detection, evoked potential recording, leaning tasks or other experiments where EEG and EMG sampling are required.

  • SL: 2 EEG/1 EMG Sleep (0.5 Hz high pass EEG)
  • SE: 2 EEG/1 EMG Seizure (1 Hz high pass EEG)
  • SE3: 3 EEG channels (1 Hz high pass EEG)