8400-K13: Optogenetics Tethered Mouse Headstage Kit

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The headstage kit is used with the optogenetics mouse system (8400-K11). The kit includes headstage and all necessary one-time-purchase accessories, as well as enough surgical supplies/disposables to complete initial surgeries.

Kits are ordered by preamplifier configuration:

  • O1/1BIO: 1 Stim/1 Biosensor
  • O1/2EEG/1EMG: 1 Stim/2 EEG/1 EMG for Sleep
  • O1/SL/BIO: 1 Stim/2 EEG/1 EMG/1 Biosensor for Sleep
  • O1/SE3: 1 Stim/3 EEG for Seizure
  • O1/SE3/BIO: 1 Stim/3 EEG/1 Biosensor for Seizure
  • O1/SE4: 1 Stim/4 EEG for Seizure
  • O2/SL: 2 Stim/2 EEG/1 EMG for Sleep
  • O2/SE3: 2 Stim/3 EEG for Seizure