8400-K11: Optogenetics Tethered Mouse Core System

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Pinnacle offers complete optogenetic hardware kits for new users. The key component of the Pinnacle system is an Optogenetics Interface Module which provides precise timing, illumination control and integration with the electrophysiological system. LED fiber probes are used to provide the stimulation and are compatible with standard stereotaxic cannula placement techniques and do not require an optical commutator.

The kit includes the following (all quantities are one unless otherwise noted):

    • 8401-HR: Data Conditioning and Acquisition System
    • 8413-M: 12" 15-Pin Cable (2)
    • 8417-AD: Adapters for 8417-PS
    • 8417-PS: Power Supply for 8401-HS and 8480
    • 8426: 18" Mounting Plate
    • 8480: Optogenetic Interface Module
    • 8481-M: Optogenetic Mouse Commutator
    • 9002: USB Cable (2)

    For first time buyers, we recommend purchasing a headstage kit (8400-K13) to complement the hardware system.