9000-K20: 10" Mouse Cage System

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The 9000-K20 mouse cage setup can be used with all Pinnacle's mouse recording systems.  Tethered animals can comfortably reach the farthest point of the cage yet still not have too much slack in the tether when standing in the middle, thus providing more comfort for the animal while minimizing the risk of damage to the tether. The 9009-MOM stand creates a stable base for cages and hardware systems. Its streamlined design increases accessibility to the animal while maintaining a small footprint. Researchers can easily adjust the height of the 9009-PL mounting plate with a quick-release lever and maintain uniform height across animal setups with a fixed-height shaft collar.  A water bottle and food hopper is included, along with a cage lid designed for tethered recordings.

The circular 1/4" clear acrylic mouse cage has a 10" diameter and 8" height.

For wireless and long-term studies, consider adding the 8265-M-F filter cage lid to your setup, or purchasing the 9000-K26 wireless cage set up. 

The kit includes the following:

  • 8228: Mouse Cage
  • 8251-224-M: Mouse Water Bottle with bracket
  • 8265-M: Mouse Cage Lid
  • 9066-M: Food Hopper for mice
  • 9009-SC Vertical Stop Shaft Collar for 9009-MOM
  • 8241-KY Hex key for 9009-MOM
  • 9009-RB Rubber Feet for 9009-MOM (3pcs)
  • 9009-MOM Monopod Stand