8400-K1: 4-Channel Tethered Mouse System

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The 4-channel mouse system is a configurable tethered setup. Users may select low-pass filters and gain settings. EEG, EMG and biosensor data are amplified and filtered at the head of the mouse by the preamplifier. Two biosensor inputs can be acquired on a single channel. Signals are then passed through the low-torque mouse commutator and swivel (8408) to the data conditioning and acquisition system (8401-HR) for final stage conditioning and filtering. Acquisition and review software is provided at no cost. Preamplifiers are sold in separate kits based on configuration.

The kit includes the following (all quantities are one):

  • 8401-HR: Data Conditioning and Acquisition System
  • 8408: Mouse Commutator and Swivel
  • 9009-PL: Monopod Mounting Plate
  • 8413-M: 12" 15-Pin Cable
  • 9002: USB-A to USB-B Cable

For first time buyers, we recommend purchasing a preamplifier kit (8400-K3) to complement the hardware system.