7004-CFE: Carbon Fiber Electrode with Mouse guide cannula

Carbon Fiber Electrode with Mouse Guide Cannula
7004-CFS: Carbon Fiber Sensor with BASi Mouse Cannula Headpiece
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7004 Carbon Fiber Electrode with Pinnacle Mouse Cannula Headpiece:

Carbon Fiber Electrodes (CFE's) are used in conjunction with Pinnacle's tethered and wireless recording systems. CFE's are used to measure the presence of biogenic amines (e.g. dopamine) in the brain using fixed potential amperometry or fast scan cyclic voltammetry. Pinnacle CFE's are 34 microns in diameter and 0.5 mm in length. Pinnacle's 7004 CFE's series is compatible with Pinnacle's single-barrel and tri-barrel guide cannulas for stereotaxic placement.

Carbon Fiber Electrodes are ordered by the ability to remove them from the cannula for post-calibration. CFE-F Electrodes are fixed in the cannula and cannot be removed for post-calibration.

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  • CFE-F

Please allow 5 business days between ordering and shipment of biosensors.Enzymatic biosensors are available in the 7004 series as well. Note: The 21-day warranty only applies to Glucose, Glutamate, Lactate sensors and Carbon Fiber electrodes . The sensor is warranted for 21 days, or until initial precalibration, whichever is first. Longer lead times may also apply for custom biosensor types. We will only ship biosensors by FedEx Two Day.