8200-K6-SL 2 EEG/1EMG for Sleep Wireless Hardware Kit


8200-K6-SL 2EEG/1EMG Wireless Sleep System for Rats



The lightweight, head-mounted Bluetooth® wireless Model 8266 for rats measures 3 biopotentials simultaneously and presents the data in real-time for review. The battery life is greater than 36 hours, using off-the-shelf batteries. For longer studies, the removable battery pack can be quickly and easily changed. The data are streamed to a computer using a small USB dongle receiver and the standard Sirenia® software suite. In addition, our proven rat EEG/EMG electrode placement system ensures fast setup, and consistent, reliable reslults.


Kit Contents

  • 1 8266-SL 3-Channel Wireless EEG/EMG Amplifier/Transmitter for Rats - 2 EEG/1 EMG Sleep Configuration
  • 1 8266-SL-Bat Battery Board for the 8266-SL
  • 1 9054 Smart Bluetooth® Dongle
  • 1 9052 3' USB Extension Cable
  • 1 8295-W 8266 Wireless EEG/EMG System User Manual
  • 1 9028 Sirenia® CD
  • 1 9029 Sirenia® Manual
  • 1 9033-AZ675 Battery for 8164/8266 (4 Pack)